Ignorance as the greatest weakness of mankind .

Human population is such that throughout history only two categories of people have lived on this planet . The leaders and the followers .

Time and time again , a few people rise up among the herd and become the ones that are responsible directly for influencing the lives of those who lack intellectual capacities like them .

These people are the ones that control advertisements , global economy , religious dogmas , corporations and environment .you may never see them , but they are there .

The rest of the ignorant crowd , who lacks the knowledge and capacity to question the things around them live their entire lives based upon the lies created by these , shall we say , ‘ gods among men .' the herd in their weak minds just do as they are told without understanding fully why . So all of a sudden we see , riots , consumerism , anarchy , crimes , mindless religions following , and fads .

These gods donot posses any magical ability , but are simply devoid of ignorance . They have learnt to see things as they are , not as they are thought they are . Society has no influence upon them . They consider human population as a tool for their greed . They have a lust for power and would give anything for the sight of it . These people are just like you and me , but instead they are the ones who use their intelligence for establishing control .

As Abraham Lincoln once said “ to know what a man is , give him power.”

These people exploit a trait of human behaviour that noone actually notices .

Because , people do not want to hear what is true , people only wish to hear what they want to .