Have you ever wondered why there are so many self help books in the market . Each with its own propaganda of a good life , and an ideal routine to handle your thoughts . Why is our hunger for knowledge never satiated ? Why do we spend countless hours surfing countless pages and videos just to feel one step closer to knowing the answers ?hold that thought , we will get to that later .

Here we go again . Another trick or a hack that can act as the hidden piece of the jigsaw puzzle called life . A new perspective which we wanted to believe all our life ,but were waiting for someone else to lay it down for us .

The truth is , no answer is the right answer . The truth being told to us is coming from another person with different experiences and background which may sound good and infallible , but does not necessarily applicable to us . The answers are inside us , they always were . We don’t spend enough time with our thoughts , that’s all . We wish to believe that something is missing , in this case knowledge that we need to find in a miracle and life changing sort of way .we are questioning our judgement and intellect all our lives , while our individuality keeps getting ignored .

So , what is the advice I was telling you about ? It’s simple , yet so difficult .

It’s a process called unlearning .

Unlearning is a overlooked concept , whose essence can be only understood through examples .

When we are born , we are naturally intellectual . We tend to view the world by the way they appear first hand , not how they are perceived by others . Decisions were almost instant and we did not have to struggle to know what we want .

We have our imaginations , explanations which may be surreal , influenced by our imagination , yet still makes sense if you view it from another perspective . A lot of think we as adults belive in do not make sense. At least as a child , life was simple . And that is the prerequisite of knowledge , it has to be simple , if its not simple , it won’t work . So, there must be something right we must be doing as a child , before we started learning things . I’m not saying everything we are taught by parents and education is wrong . I’m just focusing upon morality , emotions , and the things that are supposed to be considered good and things that are considered bad .

You already came here possessing all the trials that are considered to be of a spiritual nature . Unconditional love , empathy , a high imagination , unbound joy , brimming energy , individuality , curiousity , need to express yourself and most importantly judging people and circumstances through emotions , not reason .what you felt was more important than what you were told .You know something was wrong with the way adults live , but you had no choice , you needed guidance to survive in this paradoxical world . So you began to do what you were told , as axioms communicated by god himself and began your journey as a mindless follower , where sometimes being unique can be seen as blasphemy or anomaly . Where being different from the crowd is a bad thing .

But guess what ? look again at all the greatest philosophers ,entrepreneurs and artists . Try to observe what makes them unique . If you have , chances are they all have these things in common _

  1. Experiences of failure and rejection .
  2. An inclination towards curiosity
  3. Being termed as different and weird by the society .
  4. Atheism
  5. A solid will power
  6. Belief in individuality and being true to themselves
  7. A humble and giving personality
  8. A desire for sensory pleasure .
  9. A strong opinion of the way things are
  10. Impulsive and risk taking behavior .

All these things are just childhood behaviours which they moulded to live in a society .

When you start to unlearn , I Do not advocate refuting all beliefs and rebelling against the fundamentals of society .

I simply suggest to start viewing these things from a new perspective , and questioning their nature . If you have had a religious influence in your life and you believe in that , that’s great . But if you believe that the purpose of human life is limited to work , marriage and reproduction , you need to question that .

If you don’t , you will continue chasing dreams which do not exist in the first place . And when That happens , suffering comes in .

The purpose of unlearing is to get in touch with your inner self and being true to who you are , and then choosing whether what you are being told is right or wrong .

A lot of people are chasing dreams of other people , sometimes people they know , sometimes strangers . But every person has its own path and personality . To chase someone else’s life path is futile.

Everyone is unique and has a different life path . It is thus his duty to be true to himself by his thoughts and actions , and appreciating what he already knows .and when you are in touch with your thoughts and inner self , all your actions shift from a desire for results to merely just action .

You are no longer concerned with the outcome , you enter the blissful state where you are content with being yourself .

Which leads me to this ……….

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