Bowhead Concern of Your Health

Bowhead is the newest health platform that really concern of your condition. In this modern era, everything will use a technology. Gadget will be the one that can bring everything on your hand. Bowhead offers good facilities that will make your life easier. You can control your health by using a smart machine with a very simple step. The one that support Bowhead is a block chain technology. This technology has been used in many aspects. And now, people should care of their health more than yesterday. If you are in healthy condition then you are free to work, you can eat anything well, you can go anywhere without any worry and of course your life will be happier.

How does this machine work? Some of you may pessimistic about this technology, but after you know about how it works then you may fall in love with it. Here are the steps that you will do:

  • You need to give a sample of your blood or your saliva
  • After that put it the cartridge to the machine
  • The bowhead smart machine is using a computer to know about the strength and the reagent signal
  • After the test done then the license doctor will let you know about your real condition include the solving
  • Everything that happen there will be automatically save on a block chain

By using this machine then it will record your health data. For example if you are women, your age is 30 years old and your condition is lacking of vitamin E. After the result come then you will have some choice for it. If you want to have the test then the Bowhead will give you a token. The depreciation of the Bowhead token supply will give you below:

  • At home diagnostic for the Vitamin D, neurotransmitter and hormone panel
  • Long distance diagnostic
  • Give you good health analysis
  • Genetic test
  • Human sample

Bowhead uses a health data to run the crypto economic. The block chain technology will make your entire data safe well. It has high protection. If you are anonym zed token holders then you will get 30% from Bowhead. For your information, this Bowhead received some crypto currency like BTH, Waves and ETH. The total coin that available is 40 Billion AHT available for the public sale. The total stock of the coin is about 100 Billion. The ICO event will be end at 31 August 2017 or until the Anonymized Health Token sold.

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