BorpaToken — A Bet On The Speculative Nature Of Crypto

6 min readFeb 23, 2024
Old Wizard Borpa (actually a lunatic) sharing his knowledge with his Borplings.

First of all, if you are reading this, congratulations. We both know how hard it is to survive in the crypto landscape. A gigantic amount of information to digest but so little time to act; countless of promises yet next to nothing actually delivered; an infinity of solutions offered but zero focus on what users truly want.

Think about it for a second. How many of us have been presented with the “revolutionary DEX AMM solving the IL problem” or the “upcoming Spotify killer deeply reshaping the music scene”?

We, at BorpaToken, are calling out the bullshit: most folks stopped buying into the fairy tails of project’s roadmap, they’d rather chase the latest speculative trend hoping to strike it rich. The market has evolved in such a way that a project’s value isn’t rooted in its fundamental aspects anymore. Rather, its true worth emerges from its ability to generate sustained visibility, anchored by cultish narratives and reinforced by strong token mechanisms.

We’re not just observing the shift; we’re leading the charge.

Introducing BorpaToken:

Built upon the foundation of various successful projects (Dogecoin, Sushiswap, FOMO3D), at, we’re fusing state-of-the-art token design with killer marketing tactics to unleash a viral explosion.
Our ultimate goal? To become an industry’s leader.

We’re betting on memetokens overtaking other crypto niches as the industry shifts from tech-oriented perspective towards an attention’s war. Unlike our competitors, we’re going all-in to make sure our BorpaToken project stands out from the low-quality, quick turnover approach prevalent in the memetoken world.

In this introductory article, we’ll briefly explore the four unique perks that will make us stand out amidst the chaotic noise of the crypto ecosystem.

1. Dual-Themed Borpa Aesthetic:

Crypto culture is simply superior. Sure, the use of pseudonyms can encourage some to act recklessly, fueled by an illusion of impunity. However, such anonymity also provides a playground to navigate our inner complexities, paving the way for unprecedented creativity. Countless crypto sub-cultures have flourished thanks to this dangerous but exciting sense of freedom. Now, in the realm of memetokens, the core difficulty is in shaping a community with a broader appeal than mere niches.

This inspired our choice to adopt a dual-themed approach for our memecoin. We aim for maximum visibility, targeting both the experienced crypto degens for initial credibility and the broader retail audience for widespread adoption. Leveraging from the inherent lunacy of the borpa meme, we tap into the iconic symbolism of yin and yang, red pill and blue pill, left and right sides of the IQ bell curve, to amplify the visibility of the borpa meme. Choose your tribe:

  • Become one with the Futuristic Borpas, highly intellectual creatures that know no bounds to the worst vices and pillow waifus by choosing our Expert Mode interface.
  • Or, connect with your inner caveman and eat rocks with your fellow Cro-Magnon Borpas through the Easy Mode interface.

Our ultimate goal is to pioneer a memetoken that unites two traditionally separate audiences around the wholesome absurdity of the borpa meme, propulsing our beloved mascot front and center in the people’s minds.

The infamous handshake that broke the internet.

2. Fair Distribution Of Token Supply:

The memecoin niche industry is a challenging maze, where the supply is rarely being fairly distributed. This imbalance arises because most of the new memecoins supply are available at a significantly low valuation (stealth launch), leading to bots and insiders controlling the majority. Consequently, potential investors grow cautious and prefer trying their luck buying newly launched memetokens (obvious shitters) without due diligence, falling into scams. We’re determined to change this dynamic.

We are proud to present a carefully architected token design where most of our supply is up for grabs by providing liquidity to specific whitelisted pairs on several blockchains. You’ll have the liberty to explore countless strategies, crafting a style that aligns with your personal risk tolerance.

Lock, Redeem, Boost, Slash and outsmart the other players by gradually taking a bigger piece of the token supply. This method will permit the most aggressive of our members to battle over the token distribution while still giving value to the ones that don’t want to play: the more user interaction on our game, the more of the supply being burned. being an experiment on the speculative and cultish nature of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, it is therefore possible that your every interaction on our protocol will be monitored. Always remember to smile for the sna- I mean camera.

Even a Cro-Magnon Borpa would understand the infographic.

3. Borpass Fartune Mechanism:

Another common issue that most crypto projects don’t manage to tackle, is the lack of retention mechanism. Due to the mercenary nature of crypto, sustaining momentum is challenging for projects as users attention rapidly jump to the new shiniest tokens. One of the ways we mitigate this risk is by embracing the dual-themed borpa aesthetic we were mentioning, enabling our community to craft endless derivatives.

However, a key strategy we employ to consistently attract attention is our lottery-style mechanism, an idea largely inspired by the infamous FOMO3D project. At its core, the idea is rather simple: the more active and involved you are with our token and community, the higher your chances to secure the cash prize. This strategy not only fosters active participation but also elevates our profile as the potential gains incrementally increase. As the potential prizes soar to substantial figures, this innovative lottery-style mechanism stands as a beacon of hope, with the potential to dramatically alter the fortunes of numerous participants.

That Borpass is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

4. Buyback & Burn Mechanisms:

We designed all of the game theory of our memetoken with only one goal in mind: driving the price of our BORPA token up. In fact, we meticulously crafted our token design to encourage users to increase their exposure to our token in order to remain competitive in the battle for token distribution. Whatever people can say, the price action of a token is one crucial, or the most crucial, element that will attract visibility and legitimacy to your project.

Another significant innovation comes from the multiple buyback & burn mechanisms we’ve incorporated. These mechanisms create a self-perpetuating cycle: as user interactions increase, a greater quantity of BORPA tokens are burned. This not only ensures a dynamic and engaging ecosystem but also reinforces the inherent value of our token over time.
We strongly believe in the “efficient-market hypothesis” as if supply is burned, the market itself will arbitrage that capitalization loss by purchasing more tokens, driving the BORPA price, the pairs APR and the visibility on our project, to a self-reinforcing flywheel of visibility.

Our protocol’s main concepts are engineered to catalyze a self reinforcing flywheel effect.

What’s to come:

BorpaToken is the result of a unique fusion between crypto nerds and a schizophrenic mix of artists. We poured a lot of resources, but a lot of love, into the birth of this project. With the core vision of our product released, we’re gearing up to amplify our presence, targeting not only the dedicated crypto natives but also captivate a wider audience.

We will continue to unveil all the different catalysts we leverage from until token launch. “token”… mhhhh… wen token!?

See you very soon Borpas.