The Meme-ification of Misandry
Charlotte Shane

“women and children all over the world want men to die so they can live,”

What I love about this is how it proves that large societies are doomed to fail. I’m male and I have been a repeat victim of violence (mostly by other males), with the relevant authorities ignoring or even laughing at my complaints. And yet, I can’t join in the same righteous contempt that the above women and children do. It is not healthy to hate oneself for a mere coincidence of identity.

Furthermore, most of these same women and children are in places I’ve never been to. Yet, the quote implies that maleness is more important than any effect of culture. Apparently, I have instincts towards violence. So never mind that I’ve never struck anyone in my life other than in self defense and also my father (do you think that’s wrong? He was abusing me (verbally) when it happened, and had regularly hit me as a toddler while in drunken rages), I must overcome my innateness. But “patriarchs are abusive and oppressive… …by definition”. So I guess I’m doomed to abuse should I ever attain any position of authority, unless you mean only male monarch and except fathers from necessarily being patriarchs. Also, men who refused to kill in wartime including some who were probably suffering from PTSD were often themselves executed courtesy of powers including the English Crown, this particular authority has yet to pardon or overturn the respective convictions.


Take this famous XKCD,

then invert the (culturally implied) sex or gender if you prefer of the three or four characters, and then replace doing math on a chalkboard/whiteboard with committing a violent act (also insert logically necessary victims at will) and then ask yourself if it’s okay to stereotype men as violent (“Violence has gender [natal sex]”) or tending towards it by nature (“And the failures of men individually, and as a group, to correct or resist their instincts towards aggression, abuse, cruelty, social irresponsibility, and sexism are not a joke.”), as that is what instinct means, look it up.

In before “now you know how <term for an arbitrary social minority> feel”.

Also, I’m black. Well that’s a lie, I’m only half black. But living in the US that means I’m still “black” even if I’m rarely identified as such (having paler skin than your average Italian-American, roman nose and even a Michael Cera-tier overbite). So I guess I should follow the advice of this article and express my own righteous indignation in the words of the (almost) immortal Bender Bending Rodriguez, “Kill all the humans!”

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