What is Webcam ?

Webcam is a video camera that delivers or streams images in real time via computer to computer network. When “captured” by the computer, the video stream can be stored, viewed or sent to another network through a system such as the Internet, and sent by email as an attachment. When sent to a remote location, the video stream can be saved, viewed or sent there. Unlike IP cameras (connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi), the webcam is generally connected by a USB cable, or a similar cable, or built into a computer hardware, such as a laptop.

Webcam is known for its low production cost and high flexibility, making it the lowest cost form of videotelephony. Although the price is cheap, the resolution offered today (2015) is rather impressive, with low-end webcams offering 320 × 240 resolution, intermediate webcam offering 640 × 480 resolution, and high-end webcam offering 1280 × 720 (about 720p) or even a 1920 × 1080 resolution (aka 1080p).

They are also a source of security and privacy issues, as some built-in webcam can be enabled from spyware remotely. Currently you can enjoy the services of webcam platform based Teknoogi Blockchain with LIVE STARS.

What is Live Stars ?

Live Stars is the first platform in the webcam industry to implement a blockchain solution. Live Stars is a fundamental new platform with a slightly different business model, based on process automation. The integration of smart contracts into business-logic and platform financial segments provides better, more secure, and convenient communication between users, models and platforms.

Live Stars aims to create a revolutionary platform for the webcam model industry through the use of blockchain technology

Able to solve problems such as:

  • to get rid of high pay
  • to remove payment delays
  • to improve system security
  • to provide complete anonymity for users

A fair issue with payments is a refund from a stolen credit card. It is easy for an actual credit card user to file a claim against a stolen credit card, and the website is then obliged to return the money given to the webcam model. These funds are then removed from the webcam model account. Again, the use of Cryptocurrency solves this problem because credit card fraud becomes impossible.

Live Stars will provide full protection to its users, low payment rates, delays and payment errors for the model, which will increase honesty and minimize any type of fraud. This will allow all users to be completely confident, thus enabling them to use a variety of adult industry services.

The problem of the modern webcam industry and their ecient solutions from Live Stars:

  1. Lack of user anonymity
  2. User payment error
  3. Low level of payment for the model
  4. Minimum amount, late payment and errors for the model
  5. Lack of access to payment arrangements
  6. Modeling level is not transparent
  7. Insecurity of personal data
  8. Chargebacks (cancellation of model earnings)
  9. The aliates problem is the same as the problem of the model.

Solution :

  1. Services of the Li ve Stars pl atform can only be done to find out crypto token. Lack of payment from the ice curator leaves us free from collecting and requesting personal details from users.
  2. All payments are made with the webcam platform such as payment service, faster and more secure for users.
  3. Lack of payment department, because I use the essence, just like I am an automated job from several other departments, allowing our platform to obtain economic value. And thanks to that, we can guarantee our model up to 70% of the total amount transferred by the customer. Thanks to the open source code and the lack of media attribution for payment receipts, the financial platform area is completely clear for the model.
  4. Our platforms can guarantee our model is deficient in total minimal amount for fund disbursement. All payments in Live Star are automatically done With the help of open smart contracts, it really gets rid of human factors and minimizes financial losses. Thus, the model can eliminate any amount of earni ngs i nto wallet in my noble. For model convenience, it will be possible to change it “LIVE” tokens to other kriptocurrenci es, according to exchange rates.
  5. On our platform, there is no limit to transfer payments. This helps reduce staff and some departments to make their companies more environmentally friendly.
  6. The rating processing algorithm we will get on our platform will be my choice of everyone. Moreover our open source system allows everyone to make sure the position of the model is’ made automatically, true, and I mparti allies.
  7. Our platform s is set up in a remote that allows models to upload or delete everything required i nformati on themselves, which I want from open source code. Once any document is uploaded and verified to administration, it will be encrypted. If the model deletes the document, he / she will not be able to start the stream and will only be allowed to follow after that my document is uploaded and verified again.
  8. Since all financial activities on the Live Stars platform are created using cardiac crypto, credit card fraud becomes impossible. It gives a model of full confidence in the security of their income.
  9. As has been done before, there is no minimum withdrawal amount on the Live Stars Platform, which usually provides payment, this ensures no delays, and eliminates the human factor of equati. The system functions of automati cally and this ensures fairness and transparency for both model and aliasing.

By using Cryptocurrency, the Live Star model ensures that webcam models can withdraw their funds whenever they want, without minimum withdrawals. Payments are made automatically through the use of smart contracts, so someone needs to be on the Live Stars team to authorize payment.

Live Stars will offer not only decentralization but also be open source, have complete anonymity for its users, share a higher percentage of revenue with its model, and have no minimum payout.

Token — LIVE :

The token amount is 20,000,000 (20 million);

Price — 1 LIVE is $ 0.05;

The price will be exactly 4 times lower than the main stage of ICO, so do not miss the opportunity to buy tokens at an attractive price, it will be more profitable for you.

ICO will be held in two stages :

  • Presale (September 2017)

During the presale phase, 20 million LIVE will be sold. 1 LIVE fee = $ 0.05

(1 / of the price in the second round) 4

Hard Cap — $ 1,000,000

All tokens that are not sold during presale will be available during ICO.

  • ICO (November — December 2017)

120 million LIVE will be sold during ICO

Hard Cap — $ 2,000,0004

1 LIVE fee = $ 0.2

The unsold tokens during ICO will be frozen and will not be transferable until the end of 2019.

Fundraising and Live Stars token publishing will serve as a means to earn marketing finance and Live Stars advertising platforms, as well as Live Stars platform software development. The Li Star token will be used to make payments on the LIVE Stars platform. During the presale phase, funds can be sent with the ETH currency. The contract address will be announced on before the commencement of the crowd. Evidence will be transferred as soon as the funds are received at the address of 200 j uta on the “LI VE” token will be issued in total.

While doing research, we conducted additional surveys including models and users. Models are asked to know some aspects of the current webcam sites they do not like. High commissions, long waiting for payments, doubts about the secrets and personal data of their personal data. Users who are asked similar questions state their question Disappointment with the fact that most of their payments go to the owner of the platform, not the model. They are also concerned about their anonymization and security. They also experience delays when making poor purchases and services. Our projection team takes into account participants’ needs and increases demand, while also reducing costs by automating business. process and get unnecessary departments. We are confident that the latest technology integration and solution Star’s open book policy will soon become a major advantage in the campaign market and will enable the project to take a leading position in the industry webcam.

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