Get Your Warehouse in Order
Jun 20, 2017 · 2 min read
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Bos Miami Warehouse

It’s not just about shipping in the shipping business. You often need to store stuff before you load it to a trailer and send it away. If you’re lucky enough to own your own warehouse space, you can probably skip this article. But if you must rely on a warehousing provider to help you store your goods, it’s good to have a few things in mind when it comes to choosing a warehouse facility. Picking the right warehouse can save you time and money, and is fundamental in maintaining an efficient supply chain.


This is a no-brainer, but choose a warehouse that can offer you all the space you need to store your goods neatly and securely. Think long-term here. Make sure there’s extra space in case your business grows or suddenly find yourself needing to store more items than usual.

Access to special equipment or facilities

Properly storing items in a warehouse often requires special equipment. Keep an eye open for forklifts and pallet shrink wrappers. Make sure you count with adequate, sufficient loading docks. Warehouse efficiency is all about having the right tools available all the time to get your goods in or out as quickly as possible.

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Location, location, location

It’s not much use to have a top-notch warehouse if you have to drive too many miles out of the way to get there. Make sure you choose you choose a warehouse facility that’s strategically located. Is it close to ports, airports, and railroads? Does it fall within your usual shipping routes? The less time a truck spends driving to or from your warehouse space, the faster your supply chain will be.

Term flexibility

Choose a warehouse that offers flexible usage terms, such as public warehousing and contract warehousing. For instance, if you need some space for only a couple of months, it makes sense to opt for public warehousing terms. On the other hand, if you’ll need space yearlong, it might make sense to choose contract warehousing, in which a dedicated space in the warehouse is yours for the duration of the contract.

If the warehousing facility you’re considering meets all of the above requirements, it probably means you found a good one. For instance, BOS Warehouse in Miami, Florida offers over 90,000 square feet of space, flexible terms, special equipment, and it’s located right in one of the busiest shipping hubs in the United States.

Learn more about what a warehouse provider like BOS can do for your supply chain.

Content Creator: Pablo Torres

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