Logistics Word of The Day: Drayage

The logistics industry almost has its own language. A typical conversation between two logistics pros is filled with jargon that is very hard for industry outsiders to understand. This article series will explore some of these words as a fun way of getting to know the ins and outs of logistics.

Today’s word is drayage.

Drayage is the short-distance transportation of freight — usually by road — from one shipping depot, warehouse, or retail storefront to another. Drayage services can usually be completed within a single work shift, and tend not to extend beyond a specific region.

Opting for drayage services has its benefits:


Transporting short distance freight with container drayage can cost less and take less time.

Operational efficiency

Drayage services allow the transportation of containers — empty or full — to alternate warehouses or other free spaces, so that day-to-day activities may run smoothly and uninterrupted.


Drayage can become the last leg of an intermodal supply chain, in which you combine different modes of transportation to deliver your cargo. For instance, you can choose to cover most of the freight’s distance by ship, air or rail, and then use drayage to deliver the cargo to its final destination.

Now that you’re a drayage expert, you can start thinking of integrating it to your supply chain make it more efficient. If you need any help, BOS Cargo is at your service.

Content creator: Pablo Torres