Logistics Word of the Day: Power-Only

The logistics industry almost has its own language. A typical conversation between two logistics pros is filled with jargon that is very hard for industry outsiders to understand. This article series will explore some of these words as a fun way of getting to know the ins and outs of logistics.

Today’s word is power-only.

Some shippers own or lease their containers, but not necessarily a fleet of trucks to haul them. Many third-party logistics providers offer what is known as power-only service to these customers. In a power-only haul, the trucking company usually just provides the tractor and the driver.

Power-only service is ideal for containers that are intended to remain in a specific place for an extended period of time, such as those that are used as storage or offices. For many shippers this option is often more cost-effective than staffing a full-time driver or purchasing and maintaining a tractor trailer or fleet.

When choosing a 3PL provider for power-only services, make sure they can pull a variety of equipment such as containers, flatbeds, reefers, and other specialty trailers.

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Content Creato: Pablo Torres