Why Coworking Works

Apr 24, 2017 · 2 min read
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For many of us “Office Space” and “The Office” are still pretty accurate representations of our workplaces. Clocking in, small cubicles, Xerox machines, water coolers, clocking out. But the rise of freelancers and startups has started to change not only how we work, but where we work too. Coworking spaces — membership-based workplaces that bring together workers from different organizations in a communal, shared setting — are growing increasingly popular for many reasons.

If you’re an independent worker or even a small company that doesn’t really need a full-fledged office for itself, you might find that coworking spaces are the ideal headquarters for your business. Here are just a couple of reasons:

Flexibility: pay only for what you use

Keeping an office running smoothly is expensive. Rent, maintenance, utilities: the costs add up quickly. In a coworking space, you generally just pay for the facilities you need. That might be a single desk, a dedicated office, or even a conference room. Whatever your work requires, you have the flexibility to choose the plan that best fits your needs and pay accordingly. This makes all the sense in the world for freelancers, lean startups, and small companies who want to keep their overhead costs as low as possible.

Top-notch amenities

To attract workers, coworking spaces often have amenities that traditional offices can only dream about. Cutting-edge design, lightning-fast internet connections, kitchens with private chefs, game rooms: the sky’s the limit. For freelancers used to work at home or in busy coffee shops, these amenities can give them the productivity of an office environment but without the usual price tag of “having an office”.

A strong community

Coworking spaces tend to bring together like-minded who share professional and personal interests. This environment naturally fosters collaboration, networking, and even new business opportunities. For example, this is an attractive feature for freelancers who might have a hard time meeting new colleagues or leads if they work by themselves at home.

When looking for a coworking space, it’s all about convenience. Which one will make you more productive? Some spaces even focus on specific industries to maximize productivity. BOS Business Center in Miami, Florida, for instance, was designed to meet the requirements of logistics professionals. Located right next to warehousing facilities close right in the heart of one of the world’s largest shipping hubs, the BOS Business Center helps many logistics providers keep their operations running smoothly and cost-efficiently.

Learn more about the BOS Business Center

By: Pablo Torres

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