Texts From My Uber Driver
Justin Cox 🍩

Houston we have a problem if you are disabled and on Medicaid and need a new chair you are required to wait 5 years which actually turns into six years for a new wheelchair some genius at the state level rotate Texas Medicaid rules this is wheelchair vendors cannot sell their clients parts for their old wheelchairs even if we have to wait a year for our new wheelchairs and we’re dependent on our motorized wheelchair to get around we can’t get parts we can get loader parts if they are available and it is a weekday 3 wheelchair business is the only business I know that does not have to provide emergency roadside assistance service after the sale any other support for a device they sold and when they merge their companies for the purposes of getting better corporate credit does the author of the corporate credit Bible I wrote it so I know why they merge the companies six companies become one company and they don’t have to provide emergency service before or after the sale captive audience they’re closed on the weekends and if you send an email it’s answered in New Mexico and it may not get back to the Houston office for six weeks there are no other providers in town that work with my insurance they know who they are so I won’t mention their names their initials or well never mind I’m a quadriplegic in a wheelchair trying to live independently on my own I only get it 31 hours a week of attendant care which normally would be fine then my neighbors will help if I can the fun has just begun Robert for governor of the state of Texas we’ve had

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