I’m watching repo nut on the YouTube channel that he’s got he’s pretty good Utah Repo Man who deals with letter crazy stuff the Richer they are the Harder They cry who is this high-tech tricks and techniques to track horse will pick them up at church will pick them up at the mall and pick up at least two at the courthouse while the person is in court the car would go away the car will also go directly to the auction if the finance company wants it that way also gets delivered directly to the finance company doesn’t like to use high definition because it would give away customer information legalized auto theft I think this guy’s would you good at what he does who uses tracking devices databases people can try to turn the wheels you can get around that too with a couple of roller skates and the trailer hitch he uses a regular tow truck but he’s a flatbed trailer gives discounts to the laundries they give him more business the bank lenders we will repossess from former inmates and ex-prisoners he wants to get paid more for involuntary repossession and won’t end adult volunteer repossessions he was more money too Houston Texas they have unmarked white tow trucks that work for the county as some black tow trucks who picks up vehicles at church school homework and get them

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