Jenny DeShields

In response to No OkCupid I have met a few interesting people on the site they are only a phone call away I can truthfully answer that I have yet to go out with any of them I don’t suffer from the third date syndrome I’m always looking for more interesting people to meet I have discovered that the word date can be a very dangerous word show me how to change the vocabulary yet again instead of dating we’ll call it hanging out or staying in I just think it’s funny all these people that want to change it Traditions such as wives not taking their husband’s last name and thinking about a man calling his family surname his Bachelor name I agree people are free to do as they choose you can marry whoever you want to and create your own name I think that is a great idea but a family surname just that a family surname with thousands of years of history behind it don’t want to do it starts referring to it as his best friend name I’m wondering where his gay daddy is? Because then it’s just a civil union I live in the belt buckle of the Bible Belt I’m 43 years old I have cerebral palsy from birth I have to have attendant care and help to get around I think his Bachelor name was a complete cover up for his girlfriend or her girlfriend and OkCupid is basically meant to be a place to meet interesting people you wouldn’t want to pay a dating service to for the process of matchmaking we were just making a friend matchmaking services start at $4,000 perdate I’m speaking from personal experience in the Houston area I’m sorry she’s just not that good and yes I am that cheap thanks for your support lambasting criticism or whatever you wish to do

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