So you need a new wheelchair the power wheelchair you have is about 7 years old and has stopped working altogether state of Texas tells you they will place a wheelchair every 5 years but reality is more like every 7 years as long as you apply early enough like as soon as you get your new wheelchair you should apply for your next New wheelchair whenever they come to pick up your old wheelchair if it is newer than 5 years old you will need something to prove that you have the old wheelchair and you got the new wheelchair so that Medicaid or Medicare will pick up the bill you need a receipt from the people that are picking up your meals here with the serial number and manufacture date of the wheelchair and the company name and the name of the person picking up the wheelchair and your serial number off of the wheelchair all have to be on this receipt it can be handwritten but it needs to be written and return to you the wheelchair owner before anybody takes away your old wheelchairs