BOS Newsletter — November 13th, 2017


BOS Platform Foundation Announcement

On Friday, November 10, 2017, there was a temporary failure of the BOScoin network causing the blockchain consensus to fail. The team has been working on recovery during the weekend and has recovered the wallet balances for all accounts, the network was successfully restarted on November 12, 2017 at 15:00 (GMT), and is now running normally. However, only the wallet balances were recovered without the transaction history. The transaction history is kept separately and we are in the process of reviewing the recovery plan. More detailed information will be shared after inspection.

November 13, 2017
BOS Platform Foundation

Note: We will not be publishing details at this time. A full update will be provided to the community once the developers are complete.


Everyone waiting more than two days for their coin distribution, check your wallet for coins, and if you have not received your distribution, make sure you sent the public address starting with “G” to, and also sent your public address and a valid email address to @BOS_tokennet on telegram or WeChat ID BOS_tokennet. (Note: There are fake BOS accounts on telegram, ensure you sent to telegram username: @BOS_tokennet) Follow the claim instructions at If you don’t send your information via telegram or WeChat you will not get your coins. Double check you sent the correct information to the correct accounts. Many people sent their information to the wrong account.

Once you’ve determined you haven’t already received your coins, and you sent the correct information to the correct email and telegram/WeChat accounts, then send an email to ← — if you receive any email from bos.tokennet@gmail, or any other email address pretending to be us, please let us know, and you can report them directly to google at the enclosed link. Thanks.

Please report @bos_tokenet to telegram at and this account is attempting to phish you out of your secret seed, so please send telegram support emails requesting they ban this user from their platform.

Distribution Status


2555 users received their tokens out of 8538 total participants. We’ve distributed 244,633,981.71 BOS as of today, which is 59.3% of the total distribution.

Distribution Schedule

We will continue to accept token distribution requests, but we will process the transfers twice a week, on Monday and Friday.

Follow this guide to claim your tokens.

BOScoin Forum Update

The forum can be found at

The system email for both the dashboard and the forum is fixed. Looks like everyone who was pending activation on the forum was able to get into the forum and post. If anyone still has a problem with the forum or the dashboard, please email, and we will help you get access.

Singapore Fintech Festival 13–17 Nov

Hankyeol Tschoe (bos_hankyeol on slack) is attending the Singapore Fintech Festival with one of our community members (wouterb on slack). They are meeting with a few companies to discuss potential partnerships. They are attending the conference all week, so if you are attending the conference, or just in Singapore and would like to meet one of our team, then hit Hankyeol up on the slack.