BOScoin Newsletter; April 24th, 2018

Distributed Development; Parallel Progress (HINT: Testnet)

Our development team has split! the development into parallel pieces of work! Below provides an overview of how this all connects.

Consensus Algorithm

This relates to ISAAC and the maturing of this protocol for incorporation into our final BOSnet.

The consensus algorithm, when finalized, will be the modified Federated Byzantine Algorithm, using the consensus by BOS’ quorum structure and rules to achieve the balance of safety, liveness and fault tolerance for our ecosystem.

Trust Contract

This is the BOS version of the smart contract, the difference is that, as previously mentioned in an article, Trust Contracts will be built to be decidable using a Timed Automata theory approach. Work has been ongoing to understand how to structure this element, in terms of data and and workflow.

Foundational Protocol — HINT: TestNet Date

As Tokennet was released in October last year using the Stellar Protocol, our team here are working on a release to use the stellar concept, but our development coding.

Estimates are that this work should have a prototype for testing, aka TestNet, targeted for June this year.

What this will enable is an easier integration when we have all the elements for BOSnet ready.

We understand that there have been talks about different dates on when TestNet is, or was — and we apologize for the delay. Part of our communications alignment work will be to ensure a single message.

Sauce me up

Current work on the mobile Tokennet App Wallet is progressing, with the source code for our first prototype to be released this Thursday! Please keep an eye out for it!

Counting on Whales

WhaleX has officially released a countdown on their website to when the exchange will open.

Good news: WhaleX has advertised that BOS will be among the first listed at open

Better news: To support the launch, WhaleX are offering 2 events where members can earn BOS via an airdrop and/or a code hunt

Not so good news: Unfortunately the site and events currently target the Korean community, where to participate, you need a Korean phone number.

For more information, you may contact WhaleX via their website.

Say What???

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