BOScoin’s “2018 Global Video Contest — Round 1” Competition Announcement

Congratulation to 얄리TV (point: 755), and a big thank you to all the participants who shared their great videos for this competition.

Round 1 has ended; however, Round 2 is still happening!!!

Here is a sneak peak for the current top 3 in ranking for Round 2 competition:

Telegram ID, Points

@Crxxxxxxxxcal, 618pt

@Crxxxxxxxka1, 558pt

@Chxxxxxdo, 371pt

And more…

***Round 2 competitors! Keep sharing your videos and collect some more points!***

  • BOScoin team evaluates the overall creativity and impression of your video.
  • Points are calculated based on organic views. If you have one video in different languages, we add up your points and divide it by the versions you have.
  • The rules of the 2018 BOScoin Global Video Contest will apply in accordance with the BOScoin official announcement. BOScoin reserves the right to the final interpretation of these terms and conditions. BOScoin reserves the right to share the videos you submit for this competition