As announced, we are rolling out the new community forum. The forum can be accessed at If you have a dashboard account already, please log into discourse using your BOScoin dashboard credentials, and follow the prompts on the website. You will need access to the e-mail address you used for dashboard registration to receive the discourse confirmation e-mail. Your e-mail address is central to proving your identity in our system. You will have only one set of credentials for both the BOScoin dashboard, and the Discourse forum. For all new users, you will need to create a single account to access both the dashboard and discourse forum, so please navigate to to register your new account. Once signed in, please navigate to the forum using the links at the top of the website, and follow the prompts to create your discourse user account. Once on the discourse forum, please review for some tips on how to contribute positively in our new community space. If you have any login issues, please email and a member of our team will help to resolve your issue.

All new users are given limited permissions, but it is very easy to gain trust by the system, simply add topics and post replies, and the system will automattically promote you. The discourse trust system is explained in this post Users help moderate the community by flagging topics and posts. We have created several categories, but new categories will be added as we use the discourse community forum. The following categories have already been created, but if a category doesn’t exist for your topic, please place the topic in General (English) or Regional (Other Languages) and we will review these topics for potential new categories.

General (English)

Token, Press & Articles, Meetup & Conferences, Announcements, BOS Platform

Regional (Other Languages)

Korean, Chinese, Hindu, Portuguese, Spanish

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