On Friday, November 10, 2017, there was a temporary failure of the BOScoin network causing the blockchain consensus logic to fail. This was announced ( and we recovered the blockchain to the last prior stable state, which included all balances, but did not include any transaction history. On Friday, November 17, 2017, we issued this announcement ( notifying the community there was an issue with the manual transfer of transaction fees to public addresses via a script which began processing at 12:25 GMT, 17 Nov 2017 and was halted at 15:04 GMT. This error was caused by a misplaced decimal in the code, which resulted in the distribution of 34 Million BOS to 1418 public addresses. The CTO and other senior management have evaluated the situation, and have decided on the following course of action.

All public addresses will be reset to a token balance that includes all transfers conducted prior to the online wallet going off line at 15:04 GMT, but will NOT include the transaction fees transferred by the script in error. There will NOT be transaction history after the blockchain is reset. This solution will negate the faulty transaction fees transferred by the script, while at the same time keeping any transfers between public addresses prior to the online wallet being put into maintenance mode. The online wallet ( will be back online by 15:00 GMT 21 Nov 2017.

We sincerely apologize for the complications caused for two consecutive weeks. The first error was due to a problem with the code and the second one was clearly a human error. Our development team will improve the code reviewing process as well as testings prior to the actual implementation of the code. We promise such mistakes will not be made again in the future.


Before you email asking if you’ve received your coins, please check your public address balance at one of the below websites after 15:00 GMT, 21 November 2017. These websites were created by community members. created by dahammer created by bosradar created by boschain

Distribution Status


2928 users received their tokens out of 8538 total participants. We’ve distributed 257,193,162.80 BOS as of today, which leaves 37.65% remaining to distribute.

Distribution Schedule

We will continue to accept token distribution requests, and process the transfers twice a week.
Follow this guide to claim your tokens.

Community Management Updates

The forum can be found at

The system email for both the dashboard and the forum is currently down. This is being reviewed by our developers, and corrected.

Singapore Trip 13–17 Nov

Pictured — Wouter and Hankyeol

Last week we participated in the Singapore Fintech Festival and checked out the international atmosphere surrounding Fintech, especially in the Blockchain scene. We had a few prearranged meetings with potential partners and the Fintech Festival wasn’t the main reason why we went to Singapore but it was nice to go out of South Korea and see how fast the industry is moving forward. We also participated in the Inclusive Blockchain Conference hosted by Singapore University of Social Sciences where Vitalik Buterin also had a brief session. Other prominent figures such as Toby Hoenisch from TenX, Los Luu from Kyber, Bobby Ong from Coingecko, Joseph Lubin from ConsenSys and Patrick Dai from Qtum also participated as panelists. Although we did not have a speaking session, it was good to see and learn the challenges others are facing as well. The main reason to go all the way out to Singapore was to see our potential partners and the business they are conducting and we are pleased with some of the progresses we have made. The most progress came from payment and security companies but as some of you may realize by now, we only publicize what is certain so we will update the community in the near future regarding any potential partnerships that may come from this conference.

Applications Development Update

The following are git commits published to the public github repositories which can be found at

TokenNet Wallet Development

Nov 14, 2017
“Add install script”

TokenNet Protocol Development

Nov 16, 2017
“fixed; 5a6202a”

“Merge branch ‘change-tx-fee’ into tokennet”

“set the eBaseFee to uint64 type”

“Merge remote-tracking branch ‘official/master’”

“reset the .gitignore”

“fixed; to set the fee”

“fixed; to set the fee”
Nov 14, 2017
“prevent inflation and only one account can be possible”

BOSnet Protocol Development

The mFBA protocol for BOSnet (M3 Genesis) is under development in a private repository. The BOSnet mFBA consensus protocol will not be a continuation of our current TokenNet consensus protocol, but instead is the realization of Yezune Choi’s vision for the BOSnet platform written from scratch by our development team. The BOSnet mFBA protocol is undergoing testing and development.

Have You Met…Eunseong Kang

Eunseong Kang

Eunseong Kang is our new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). He comes to us with many years of senior information security experience.


Eunseong has been working in IT for 30 years. He’s worked on security consulting and education, and also as a technical advisor for product security at LG Electronics. Prior to that, he worked as a CISO for an Internet company and as the head of R&D at the largest security company in Korea.


His interests include protecting the performance and value of colleagues above all. For the time being, all his attention and effort is placed into helping his colleagues.

Random interesting fact

Family trips are the happiest thing these days.




BOScoin is a Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform(

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BOScoin is a Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform(

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