[SEBAK Routine Checkup Notice]

To ensure stability in the early operation of SEBAK, we will be holding a routine checkup weekly every Thursday from 2pm- 4pm KST (+09:00 UTC).

Please note that SEBAK will not be available during the time of inspection; Which will include the activities of transaction, account balance check, KYC, Freezing, Voting through the Desktop Voting App.

This routine checkup will be starting today (Thursday, Nov.29th 2pm KST).

As described above, transactions, account view, KYC, Freezing, Voting through the Desktop Voting App will all be unavailable.

Though this routine checkup is initiated today, the Development Team will not conduct the routine checkup next week on Dec. 6th KST during the 1st Voting (unless there is an emergency scenario due to bug patching and etc.).

Thank you.

BOScoin Team