it is undeniably tragic to recognize that even the greatest writers the world has ever seen — even Tolstoy, Austen, Shakespeare, Twain, Steinbeck — were they to be resurrected, handed a keyboard, and presented with Medium’s clean white page, even they would almost certainly fail to put a dent in the lifehacker hegemony.
I Accept Your Surrender
Henry Wismayer

Henry, I’m surprised by your comment. How do you drag the names of these great writers while talking about the lifehacker hegemony? Are lifehackers writers? Do they really deserve a comparison with these greats?

And how could you imagine that Tolstoy -Shakespeare-Austen-Twain would even consider these charlatans as worthy of their attention, let alone challenge them? You certainly didn’t take into account their intellectual heft.

I’m sorry, Henry. You’re a good writer, but this time Tolstoy Et al must be shaking in their graves with this careless comment.

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