Is the new Medium logo better?

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Medium has a new logo now. Seems to be another tweak after claps. There are some more changes in the pipeline, I suppose.

But how is the new logo?

The old logo, when it was introduced, drew a lot of flak, and many users back then described it as ‘horrible’ ‘ugly’ etc etc. But it was really not that bad.

The new logo is overly simple and too familiar to boot. The asymmetry in the lettering had nothing new about it and you’ll see it anywhere, a dozen a dime, in any city, even in remote places across the world. Its black background is oldish, unremarkable and hugely forgettable.

But I’m not complaining.

The point is, the designs — for whatever reasons — are now getting less and less ingenious all over the world(general fall of standard? broken men doing shitty jobs?). The daily newspaper I subscribe to has had a recent makeover in design and font and it looks more ghastly than the mashup of real and fake news.

You have to like it that way, because you have practically not much of a choice.

Now is the time to bear and grin.

So as with claps, we’ll be living with it too, thank you Medium Staff.