Serendipity and After/68

a novel about publishing of a novel

Soon we were into our main topic of our conversation.

“So what school do you belong to: Freudian or Neo-Freudian?”

Bose was a little surprised. “How do you know about different schools?”

“I’ve read about them. Dr Bal has also told us a bit about psychoanalysis. I’m interested in it.”

“I actually started with the classical one, but have shifted to the new one during the last phase of my training.”

“Is it true one gets radically changed in his attitude after the training?”

“Yes, he gets to morph into a new being sans aggression, jealousy and other lowly vices.”

“Sort of stoic?”

“Better than that. He has a new and positive vision.”

“Is it any kind of brain-washing?”

He laughed. “You are very inquisitive. It’s not brain-washing. Brain-washing is a new concept and associated with some external force. Psychoanalysis is quite the opposite and no force is applied here from outside.”

“Are you like gurus, purohits or priests?”

He laughed again. “Oh, don’t compare us to them. Psychoanalysis is not like organised religion. It has no interest or intent to latch you on to any group or community. At its core, it is very unique and related to more freedom for an individual.”

“So, how are you going with that boy who always has slang in his thoughts? He wants to get rid of it but can’t?”

“Yes, it’s an interesting case. His father was very abusive. Always shouted ‘bastard’ at him. That’s the root, but the boy has now a wish to be a bastard himself without his knowing of it.”

The explanation had a jarring effect on me. It seemed absurd.

“So how are you treating his condition?”

“I let him talk and get out the bitterness and ill feeling out of his system.”

“Doesn’t he rattle off the same thing every time?”

“Well, he kind of begins the same way each day, but he digs up more memories and get them out incrementally.”

“Is it catharsis?”


“Is it like confession to a priest?”

“Oh, no. A psychoanalyst hears a person with empathy and is trusted by his patient. In case of confession, the scenario is different. The priest is someone like a father figure, and the patient may not be that forthcoming and easy in his talk.”

“Do your patient still sit with their back in front of you?”

“Not her in this hospital set-up, but in my clinic, they sit that way.”

“Is it not ridiculous or odd — this communication?”

“But it’s one way communication. So what’s the problem? Since the patient doesn’t meet my eyes, he can speak out his heart.”

“But there can be a problem from your side.”

“What is it?”

“You can doze off in your seat!”

Bose laughed out loud. “Where do you get this idea from?”

“It’s actually our sir, “ I said to him, “who has told us that while in England he had seen some psychoanalysts sleeping away when the patients are talking on and on.”

Ha ha ha..