It didn’t say parody the first few hours it was up.
It didn’t say parody the first few hours it was up.
Augusta Khalil Ibrahim

What kind of parody is this?

Thank you,@augustkhalilibrahim for pointing this omission out. They are now trying to cover up.

But what has happened as a result of this omission is, at least in my case, another parody, no less. Let me elaborate. I read it as a Hillary campaign bullshit and wrote a response to it. Of course, my response was visceral and cynical. This response has garnered, last checked, 4.7 k views in less than 24 hours. There are a few recommendations as well from some of our finest writers on Medium. None of them, I believe, read it as a parody.

So what kind of parody is this where the word “parody” needs to be added —hours after it’s already published — within a bracket just after the name of the supposed writer to make it seem like a parody? Is it not an another parody?

Is Lewish Carroll laughing in his grave?

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