Online Training on C Sharp offered by MaxMunus Technology , INDIA


MaxMunus provides Online Training on C Sharp offered by Industry Leading Professionals ,INDIA

Course duration :: 30–35 hrs

Course Content of C Sharp ::

· Object-oriented concepts

· Introduction to .NET Framework

· Writing C# classes

· Language Fundamentals

· Inheritance and Polymorphism

· Exception Handling

· Attributes and Reflection

· Collections Framework

· Delegates and Events

· Windows Applications using WinForms

· File I/O & Serialization

· XML using .NET

· Multithreading


· Deployment

· WPF, WCF, WF basics

For more details kindly feel free to contact with us.

Name :: Madhurima Bose

Email — id ::

Contact No. — +91–9066268701

Skype — id :: madhu_maxmunus

Company Website ::

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