Online Training on Oracle OAF by MaxMunus Technology , India

Oracle Application Framework (OAF) is architecture for creating web based front end pages and J2EE type of applications within the Oracle EBS ERP platform. In order to develop and maintain OAF functionality, Oracle’s J Developer tool is used. OAF is based on J2EE technology called BC4J (Business Components for Java). As per the MVC architecture, in OAF, the XML Page forms the View, the JAVA based controller class forms the controller and the Application Module along with View Objects (VO) and Schema Objects (EO) forms the Model.

Oracle Applications Framework is the Oracle Applications development and deployment platform for HTML-based business applications. OA Framework consists of a set of middle-tier runtime services and a design-time extension to Oracle9i J Developer called Oracle Applications Extension (OA Extension).

Oracle Applications Framework (OAF) is the one of the current front-end application interface framework for browser-based pages. This framework edges well with Oracle e Business Suite and is built on technologies like BC4J, UIX, and XSS that form the core of the model and view layers. The Model View Controller (MVC) Design pattern architecture where all your business logic is placed on Model layer and the application user interface is built on.

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