Online Training on Veeva CRM by MaxMunus Technology , INDIA

MaxMunus Provides Online Training on VEEVA CRM by Industry Leading Professionals

Course Name : Veeva Basics & Advance configurations

Prerequesite : Salesforce certified Developer/Adminstrator

Duration : 15–20 hours

Module 1 : Architecture of Veeva systems

Module 2: Overview of Admin Console

Module 3: Data Access Security

Module 4: Application Configuration

Module 5: Creating Custom Objects .

Module 6: Veeva Configuration Utilities

Module 7: My Accounts Configuration

Module 8: Account Object

Module 09: Veeva Functionality Part 1

Module 10: Products and My

Module 11: Products Metrics Configuration

Module 12: Call Management Configuration

Module 13: Veeva Functionality Part 2

Module 14: Cycle Plan Configuration

Module 15: Sample Management

Module 16: Data Loading

Module 17: Territory Management Application

Module 19: VMobile Tablet

Module 20: Creating Reports and Dashboards

Module 21: VInsights Configuration

Module 22: Advanced Custome Setting

Module 23: Veeva 20 release Features

Module 24: Veeva Triggers

Module 25 :Overview of Veeva Valult

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Name : Madhurima Bose

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Contact No. — +91–9066268701

Skype — madhu_maxmunus

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