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Aw man. I remember what happened to me almost two years ago. I’ve been single for 5–6 months when it happened but my ex still contacted me from time to time back then. I know, bad idea, but in a previous relationship of 6 years I had a hard time cutting ties.

Then this one girl, a friend of a friend, became close to me. She seemed fun to hang with. I’m, like, “I have nothing to lose.” So I said, “Hey, wanna date?” She’s, like, “Sure!” *Drum roll* ex wasn’t happy about it. Seems like she broke up with me to try dating another guy but she still wanted to be with me in the end. HOW SELFISH. HOW RUDE.

“What happened next will blow your mind!”

My life became a living hell. Probably exaggerating by using the word hell, though, but it was close to that. You know those movies that feature psycho exes knocking on doors, watching you eat with an awkward smile, shouting in the streets saying “GO AHEAD! SLAP ME!” My ex became like that when she found out that I’m getting close to another girl and I’m, like, “Sheesh, girl, calm down.” Honestly, looking back it was funny but for me, that time, I was on the verge of breaking down. I broke up normally with my ex, waited, then dated. I tried to be as nice as possible to her. She was f***** up because she thought that she can just date me again when she’s tired of dating this new guy. I took the toll, the blow; I did not deserve that. My ex didn’t deserve that, she should’ve just let me go. We were better than that but things sure are strange sometimes.

Oh and by the way, those 6 years that we were together, she cheated on me multiple times after the fourth year. And me, being stupid, still held on to her for two years. I can remember this one time when I said while crying and holding her hand “Please don’t go, I can’t live without you.” Seriously, f*** the old me.

My new girlfriend also got depressed, stressed and anxious. It was clear on her face that she wanted to stop but she loves me already. My ex made my current girlfriend confused and afraid. She’s that much of a psycho. My current girlfriend was probably thinking “I didn’t sign up for this.” There was also a time when I was with my present girlfriend and my friend said “Bro, your ex is in [insert the name of our neighborhood]. She’s looking for you.” So I told my present girlfriend that I’ll just talk to my ex (Before she does something scandalous). My girlfriend smiled but it was obvious that it was a fake smile because her eyes wasn’t lighting up. So I gave her a hug and whispered (this really happened, I probably got the idea of doing this from a movie, I don’t know, but it happened) “Be strong. I’ll try to be strong, too. Don’t cry. Whatever happens I’ll pick you. Don’t be afraid of getting left behind. I love you. See you tonight!”

Oh, geez, my comment is getting long. Anyway, fast forward to now and we’ve been dating for more than 1 year. :D

Great article. Keep it up!

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