Bo Short — An Influential Personality Persuading People to Win

While the world is full of distinguished personalities that are known in their respective field, people like Bo Short appear once in a blue moon. They grace the world with their distinct presence wherever they go.

If we talk about Bo Short, a legendary figure in the network marketing industry, he’s a topnotch personality making it big day after day. Well, those who may not have read or about may consider him a new kid on the block, but the fact is that he’s really come far from where it all began.

Did we tell you that Bo Short’s also an author, a speaker, a trainer and a leader. Wow! So much for this great man will never seem enough for him as he’s always hunting ways on “How to motivate people to win?” Keeping this in mind, Bo (having spoken to more than a million people around the world in 34 different countries) has penned two of the most inspirational books that drive people to achieve success.

His first book “The Foundation of Leadership” was the one that got recognition all over. This book is deemed crucial for people helping them in every aspect of life: Parents, Students, Teacher, Coaches, and Business People (to name a few) who want to lend a helping hand to the United States for maintaining its place in history not only as the freest and fairest, but the most dynamic and successful country in the world.

Throughout his first masterpiece, Bo Short uses the compelling histories of five of the great people in America. He comments from his discussions with many of leadership that build the country. He explains leadership in the best possible way providing practical as well as inspirational lessons about what it really means to be a proud American.

Bo Short’s second creation is “Living to Win” which comes across as a battle cry encouraging you deep inside to step into the fight and to overcome challenges before you make your dream come true.

Through his several years of studying immensely great success stories in business, politics, sports and the arts, Bo offers stand testimony to the fact that there are key principles that one must adopt to achieve success in life.

This books sheds light on those Principles and gives one clear direction on how put them into use in both personal and professional lives.

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