The Internet of Nature

Around a month ago or so, a friend mentioned a book about how trees can communicate with each other and all the “invisible” life of funghi, insects and so on. The enthusiasm that he had whilst recommending “The Hidden Life of Trees” it was like a new world came into my knowledge. A new network.

The author of this book is Peter Wohlleben is a German forester and author who writes on ecological themes. After that I made a little more research on YouTube and watched a couple of videos. Very compelling indeed! He uses simply vocabulary that anyone can understand to talk about complex relationships about how nature (forests) work. Only recently I came to find that the majority of the information on this book comes from the research of Suzanne Simard, a professor of forest ecology at the University of British Columbia. Then this video on Ted Talk said it all! It’s a must watch, with around 13 thousand views. It might not sound a lot, but for this type of subject that just came into the spotlight a couple of years ago, I think it will eventually pick up momentum for there is a lot of people wanting to understand the true nature of themselves, meaning the whole ecological cycle of the planet.

Here at Boske we are making this journey of finding new resources to understand our relationship with nature. We believe that if we know how the ecosystem works, we can together improve and reestablish a reconnected environment that triggers a new way of thinking and action.

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