Why did Customers

Why did your customers choose you and why didn’t they? Remember the choice is up to them and there are a lot of companies out there competing for their business, so it’s your job to determine what sets you and your company apart to gain their trust and close the deal. For years I have told my sales teams the reason why they chose us is, You. Because other companies don’t have a person like you. But that can’t always be the truth. You will need to take the time to see what sets you apart from the competition. This seems like common sense but it’s truly not. You can’t just say, “Well we have 24–7 service, or my trucks are new, or we do back ground checks, have clean cut guys, best parts, best prices, the latest and greats widgets.” Everyone does this already in one form or another. Go grab your team and ask them, “what does it mean when you say (your company’s name) to them?” What’s the first thing that pops in their mind. If any bad things come out that’s OK you need to know this, that way you can grow and make the changes. Remember, perception is reality. So once you get this knocked out of the way it’s time to get everyone on board to make the vision your new reality. The vision needs to be the blood and soul of the culture. This will be the thing that people will talk about so you can become a genuine referral driven business. If its best price, you will all need to promote this, if it’s the nicest trucks go buy the nicest trucks, clean employees, hire the best looking and so on. Next will be the value of OPTIONS.

#GetRidOFYourKeys #LetEmDrop

Gary Vaynerchuk