Best SEO Affiliate Programs for Earning Extra Income

Over 53% of all trackable website traffic comes from search engine’s organic search (Bright Edge Research), completely overwhelming any other traffic avenues. This growth makes organic searches surpass even social media interactions when dealing with traffic.

As digital marketing becomes increasingly popular, clients from blogs, online stores, small businesses, and many areas of commerce look for ways to make their business thrive. This is where the best SEO affiliate programs come into the equation, providing a greater demographic reach with passive income and allowing you to find the best toolkit for your needs.

How Do SEO Affiliate Programs Work?

SEO affiliate programs work by providing you with the tools to attract a greater amount of organic search traffic. They’re perfect for small bloggers looking to earn passive income from new posts, up to the large business trying to attract customers to their store.

Some of the most important tools offered when using the best SEO affiliate programs include:

  • Website Loading Speed Optimizer
  • Keyword Suggestion Tools
  • Keyword Ranking Tracke
  • Marketing Plan Organizer
  • Website Auditing Tool
  • Technical Error Solve
  • Backlink Monitor
  • Cookie Tracking

The best SEO affiliate programs use these tools to pinpoint flaws in a website, correct them, and improve ranking. They also offer affiliate commission payments for affiliates, and by using all the tools provided, the chance of a user clicking a link and buying something using it is significantly increased.

Benefits of Using SEO Affiliate Programs

When trying to grow your brand and get your website in front of your target audience, SEO affiliate programs are the perfect investment choice. These programs aim to build a profitable relationship with several parties involved in it, such as bloggers, third parties, YouTubers, and writers, who work together to improve outreach.

Some key benefits of the SEO affiliate programs are increasing organic traffic, ease to target a specific audience, expanding the demographic of your products, and reducing arduous manual labor, saving time and resources in the long run.

Using SEO affiliate and marketing is a cost-effective way to increase overall revenue generated by the website and attract new users and other affiliates and companies wanting to partner up with a successful website.

Our Top 3 best SEO Affiliate Programs For 2021

There are several SEO tools affiliate programs in the market, and finding the right one for you may take a lot of time and effort. The list below is compiled of the top three SEO affiliate programs and their pros and cons to help streamline your research.

1. SEMrush (BeRush) Affiliate Program: Best for Bloggers

SEMrush still leads the pack of the best SEO affiliate programs with ease. Created in 2008, SEMrush is the most popular affiliate program for bloggers, with over 5 million bloggers choosing it over the competition. SEMrush offers attractive analytics tools for writers, bloggers, and content publishers with an incredibly feature-rich toolbox of features.

Aside from its powerful tools, SEMrush has something that just can’t be found anywhere else in the market, a recurring commission program that provides you with a ten-year cookie. Not only that, but they offer a generous 40% recurring commission rate.

It’s easy to recommend SEMrush for anyone trying to improve their bottom line and outreach, considering the generous commission, extensive cookie lifespan, and effective tools such as keyword analytics.


  • Powerful crawler to find and fix SEO issues
  • Domain to domain comparison
  • Generous commissions
  • Keyword analytics
  • Organic research


  • Only provides data for Google, the competition offers support to other search engines
  • Only one user per account, making it expensive for large companies
  • Some of its most powerful analytical tools cost $200 extra monthly

2. Amazon Associates Program: Best for Anyone Looking to Earn Extra Income

The Amazon Associates Program has proven to be a huge success. Amazon is famous, and its reach is present in the most visited parts of the internet, such as blogs, Twitch, games, streaming, and YouTube.

Due to Amazon’s extensive catalog of products, it’s easy to find something marketable to your audience. Once a user has used your affiliate link, further purchases using that link will also award you a commission.

Amazon Affiliates can fit anyone, like bloggers optimizing their affiliate links, SEO in WordPress, and YouTubers pitching gear they use to stream to their viewers. Amazon offers a free and easy-to-use affiliate program that ensures everyone has something they can promote and make money.


  • Lengthy 90 days cookies that remember additional purchases
  • Well-established brand, making customers more likely to buy
  • Easy to set up, requiring no other marketing knowledge
  • Wide selection of products to offer
  • Completely free to join


  • Cookies expire in 24 hours (instead of 90 days) if the user doesn’t add anything to the cart
  • Amazon still doesn’t allow PayPal, losing the sales from customers that prefer it
  • Small affiliate commission, starting at 4% and going up to 10%

3. Link-able Affiliate Program: Best for Content Marketers

Link-able bridges the gap between marketers and professional content writers and uses a community of seasoned writers to review the contents of a website. Instead of wasting valuable time reaching out or researching relevant links, the platform allows you to hire freelance writers to streamline this job.

You do this simply by posting the job on the Link-able platform with specifications, and several specialized authors will provide their expertise, presenting high-quality links that best match your terms.

Link-able ensures you wait as little as possible after posting a job offer. The platform connects you with writers that have worked with and are knowledgeable in your niche. Link-able also allows you to review the authors before they begin working on your project and see if they’re a good fit for your needs.


  • Provides strict writing guidelines, improving the quality of the content
  • Reduces the load on Content Marketers, eliminating guesswork
  • It helps you find the best authors for the job
  • Easy to use, saving time and money
  • High-quality backlink building


  • Profit generated by high-quality backlinks is not immediately apparent
  • A slow process of approval with a lower approval rate
  • Authors are highly skilled and charge a premium

And The Winner is. . .

SEMrush may be pricey, but the set of tools it offers more than makes up for the price tag. Combine that with the highest commission rates among the competitors, and you have a safe and profitable investment that will pay for itself when you put the work into it. SEMrush is constantly evolving. If it lacks something you need, there’s a good chance its support team can help you with it.

I’m a professional freelance content writer. Check out my portfolio for more info here:

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Emerson Bossi

Emerson Bossi

I’m a professional freelance content writer. Check out my portfolio for more info here:

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