An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Dear Talia,

I realize that as a spoiled millennial, you’re used to getting your way immediately, because, like, why wait? You’ve already got like 100 followers on Twitter, so why should you be subjected to the plebs in tech support? (Who does that anymore? isn’t support in like, India, or somewhere?)
And yes, life is totes expensive in SF, like, hella expensive. What CEO doesn’t get that? Do we really need to resort to badly written, juvenile essay whine-rants to point out the glaringly obvious?
Duh, Talia.

But here’s where reality and whatever world you’re living in differ, Talia. What you were doing at Yelp is called “paying dues”, something Millennials don’t understand, expect, or tolerate, especially in SF. You all see the magical rainbow unicorn land of startups and insta-millionaire CEOs and think “I can do that!”. But you can’t. You have to learn how business works. You have to prove yourself. Because, quoting a movie millennials might love if they were alive when it came out, “you are not a beautiful, unique snowflake.”

The world does not owe you anything. Asking you to work a year in support is nothing. Being paid a low wage is how EVERY college student starts. You work hard, prove your value, then get promoted and get a raise. 
The problem for you is you don’t want to work for it. You apparently want to be paid well to complain on Twitter all day, which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Then, as if all this weren’t enough, you took your complaints to staff meetings, regularly, and probably got labeled a troublemaker. When you publicly called out the CEO, you crossed the line. Yeah, surprise! Free speech does not guarantee that you can humiliate your company and cause the brand damage and get away with it. You deserved to be fired because you’ve damaged the Yelp brand, and your CEO’s reputation. You deserve to be sued, frankly, but what would Yelp get from a whiny 25 year old who can’t manager her life or finances?

Do us all a favor, Talia: take your lumps and shut up. Use this as a learning experience and grow from it. Stop whining about how unfair it all is because you were owed everything by earning nothing. You sound like a brat and now that you’re on the internet because of your stupidity, you’re going to have a very hard time getting real work in the future. That’s probably the hardest lesson of all.

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