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Stabler & Benson (as well as the rest of SVU) are two of the most incompetent and unprofessional police officers to ever appear on television. On more than one occasion, the following has happened:

  1. Loudly and wrongly accused someone, resulting in one of the victim’s family members killing the innocent accused person (throw in ruined marriages and spousal suicides here as well).
  2. Loudly announced that a criminal is cooperating with the police, resulting in them being killed by other criminals (SVU may or may not be lying about this cooperation).
  3. Walking the perp out the front entrance to a crowd of protesters rather than out the back door like the captain suggested, resulting in the death of the perp (the perp may be innocent or guilty).
  4. Not subscribing to the criminal justice system’s idea of innocent until proven guilty. This includes walking into a suspects place of work or family gathering and loudly announcing that they are a sex criminal (when wrong, they don’t even bother saying “my bad”).
  5. Allowing themselves to repeatedly be captured by criminals, often their current arch nemesis (Benson, I’m looking at you).
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