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The Bottom

From the mind of Josh Schwartz, creator of The OC, comes Fox’s newest teen drama — The Bottom.

After graduating high school at 16, the affable but socially awkward Will Larson (David Mazouz) heads to George Washington University, located in the heart of Washington, DC’s Foggy Bottom neighborhood. Things get off to a rocky start at his first college party, when a fight breaks out and the captain of the lacrosse team punches Will while screaming “Welcome to The Bottom, bitch!”

Fortunately, whenever Will finds himself in trouble, congressional staffer & older brother Jack (Dave Franco) is there to lend a hand. They may not have a lot in common, but Jack knows a thing or two about getting into trouble.

Can you make it in The Bottom? Find out this Fall.

Network: Fox ($8)
Genre: Dramedy ($5)
Style: Single Camera ($3)
Setting: Dorm/College ($2/Home/Apt)
Location: Washington, DC ($4)
Talent: David Mazouz ($4/Gotham); Dave Franco ($3/Scrubs: Med School)

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