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These types of articles always seem a little disingenuous to me. Batman v Superman made $873,260,194 worldwide. Suicide Squad made $745,600,054. Sure, Jurassic World made a bazillion dollars, but that shouldn’t take away from the success of these two movies.

Yes, those two movies have Rotten Tomatoes scores of 27% and 26%, but they also have Audience Scores of 64% and 63%. If the audience enjoys it, does it matter what the critics think? However , I’ll admit that I don’t know how much weight we should put into the Audience Score (do people spam that like they do IMDB?).

My point is, while it’s become popular to bash these movies, it’s not like they are an affront to public decency. They are flawed movies that are entertaining at times. The real problem will be when both the critics AND the audience score is low. You know what they say — money talks.

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