Is Youtube okay with sexism and crime-aggravating?

Lately in Korea, Youtube has been applying double standards towards male and female Youtubers in terms of account strikes, suspensions, and channel terminations.

It has been restricting female Youtubers’ contents with smoking and adult supplies review, while letting the same contents thrive on male Youtubers’ channels.

Since there is no clear statement on the criteria of restrictions, whether the similar contents have been regulated or not, becomes the standard to the youtubers. However, sexist and subjective restrictions by Youtube cause conflict and confusion.

Moreover, Youtube has been exploited as a tool for deadly assaults

  1. Waxing parlor murder case —,
  2. August 10 death threats and murder attempts
  • The attackers claimed that they found the female Youtuber(who actually was an innocent person that had nothing to do), and exposed her personal information (phone number, name, age, home address) in a video that had around 4,000 to 10,000 viewers at that time. They even drove to the address to hunt her down. One of them was caught in action and investigated on-site by the police on standby, after receiving multiple reports from the viewers. However, he was only fined about $50 for ‘creating public anxiety’ and was released soon without any further custody.
  • The attackers of this case violated against 7 of South Korea’s existing laws. In addition, this case is under concern by the Congresswoman of South Korea’s. —

We tried contacting Google Korea several times for these issues, but we have not received a single reply. Is it really OK for Youtube to be reputed as a company which tolerates sexism and assaults?

Although we did not hear from Google Korea, we are sure that the Headquarters will reply. We plan to publicize how Google Korea and Headquarters responded respectively to our report.

Once again, we hope you do not let us down with this issue. We look forward to your reply.


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