Lets drink a mindful cup of coffee, Shall we?

I was listening to Thich Nhat Hanh’s interview recently. He was asked does he meditate every day? His answer was an obvious yes. But we went further. He said he mediates throughout the day. He went on to elaborate. He conducts all his activities in full awareness or mindfulness. Walking, Washing clothes, doing dishes, pretty much everything.

Obviously, every lay person is not an accomplished monk. But anyone can learn the skill. Start from basic and build on it. I think meditation practice is essential for a mindful living. It’s a great tool to train one’s mind for living in present. But it’s only a start. Obviously, no one can just meditate all day. After a short practice session, most of us go about on our daily routine.

The key here is to conduct rest of the activities throughout the day in total awareness rather than getting lost on mind movie. One example I like to take today is Drinking your morning coffee (Substitute with your morning tea or favorite drink). Something I derive great joy from every morning.

Pour coffee in your cup. Notice how the cup feels in your hand. How the coffee looks, smell. How does it sound when you pour coffee in the cup?

Can you see steam coming out of your coffee ? Feel the warmth of cup in your palms, fingers. Is it too hot ? or gentle warm ? Take cup close to your nose. How does it smell ? How does a touch of the cup in your lips feel? Feel the warmth under your nose.

Take a sip. How does it feel in tongue? Any sensation on teeth? Feel the warmth in the throat when you swallow. Do you feel it close to your chest too?

Any movement in the stomach? Any sensation of warmth there too? Now you are ready for the second sip.

This is an example of doing one activity mindfully. If any thought arises during this, just let it go. There is no need to judge it. Just notice a thought (Positive, Negative or Neutral) has arisen and let it go.

Have a great morning :)