BC Men Talk Coeds and Football

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The Boston Uber Driver was called to the campus of Boston College and while enroute received a call from the rider telling him to simply drive through the campus and he would run into them near the football stadium.

As he drove through campus the driver observed several BC students walking around as they were getting ready to head out for the weekend night. A young man held up his arm to signal to the driver that he was the rider, and four male Boston College students got into the car.

The guys were headed to a bar on Harvard Ave. in Allston, and as they headed towards the destination they discussed their bets from that day’s college football games and the girls at school. The four had many stories to share as they’re currently seniors and had been hanging out together for over three years at this point.

The driver, remembering that he had once been to the destination bar once before about 10 years ago, shared the story about how he had been invited to a party there and was supposed to be on the list but there was no list under the name they were told. He had gone with a girl he had known in college and he hadn’t realized how much she had already drank before they went. When there was no list under the name they thought it was under, they had to call and text the girl’s friend until she responded with the correct name.

They didn’t stay long and the driver had given the girl his keys, which turned out to be a mistake as she weaved in and out of traffic the whole way home because clearly she had too much to drink. The entire time the driver was telling the girl to pull over, but she refused. The next day she blamed the driver for her driving despite him trying to stop her.

“I didn’t even have sex with the girl that night,” the driver told the Boston College guys, who laughed.

The young men returned to discussing the female population at BC and one of them eventually addressed the driver.

“Do you drive people from all the different colleges around Boston?” One of the men asked the driver.

“I do,” the driver answered.

“Which school has the best looking girls?” The guy asked.

“Honestly,” the driver said, “and I’m not just saying this because you guys go to Boston College, but I’d have to say BC.”

The guys erupted in celebration, clearly happy that the girls from their school were the best looking in the area.

“Have you had any crazy stories involving BC girls?” One of the guys asked.

“Actually, yes,” the Boston Uber Driver said. “So two weeks ago I picked up these four blondes from Lansdowne St. Were you guys there?”

“No, we go there all the time but we weren’t there two weeks ago,” one of the guys said.

The Boston Uber Driver began telling the story about the four BC coeds who discussed kissing people at a bar that happened a couple of weeks before.

“Wait, was one of the girls named CJ?” A rider in the backseat asked the driver.

“Yeah, she was sitting up front next to me,” the driver responded.

“And she must’ve been with Annabel,” the rider added, before naming the other two girls.

“Yeah, that’s who was with her,” the driver responded. “How did you know that? There must be at least 10,000 students at your school.”

The male student responded by explaining the girls played for one of the sports teams at BC and it’s just what the girls on that team are like. Apparently the women on that team have a reputation.

The ride came to an end soon after that as the car arrived at the destination. The driver told one of the guys to tell CJ he said hi and they laughed about it when he said she wouldn’t know who he was as he was just her Uber driver.

After the dropoff the driver continued driving into the night picking up and dropping off riders as he went.