MBA Student Unprepared for Visiting Girlfriend

Harvard Business School. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The Boston Uber Driver arrived in Allston in response to a request for a pick up. Pulling down a narrow side street, the driver was able to navigate to a stop as he moved the car to the corner of a bisecting side street and called the rider, who quickly came to the car with his girlfriend.

The man on the account was British and is in America to get his MBA from Harvard, while the woman lives in Britain and is in town for the week to visit her boyfriend. The driver headed towards the on campus housing and the riders immediately struck up a conversation with the driver about what they should do while the girlfriend is in town visiting.

The driver asked the girlfriend if she likes history, and he suggested the Freedom Trail as something that most tourists do while they’re in Boston. He also suggested checking out Salem and the witch-related things as it’s October and close to Halloween.

The girlfriend asked for suggestions as to what type of food they should eat. The driver was a little surprised that the boyfriend hadn’t come up with any ideas as to what they should do or types of food they should eat. Not only had he not chosen specific restaurants, but he hadn’t even chosen types of foods. This seemed strange to him as you would think the boyfriend would be somewhat prepared with his girlfriend in town from halfway around the world.

The driver suggested to the girlfriend that she try lobster and clam chowder while she’s in Boston, and that there are many restaurants where she can order those items.

The boyfriend said he hadn’t been to the Boston Public Library yet, and he wanted to go with her.

“Yeah, it’s a pretty big library,” said the driver, unable to figure out what to say after finding out the big, exciting plans the boyfriend had for his girlfriend who had come from the other side of the planet were to go to a library. Plus, isn’t everything on Google these days anyways?

“You don’t have an accent,” the girlfriend said to the driver.

“No, I don’t,” replied the driver, noting that both the riders certainly did have accents. “Both my parents have Boston accents but I didn’t get one.”

“Yeah, people around here certainly don’t talk like they do in the movies,” the girlfriend said.

Shortly thereafter the driver dropped off the couple and told the girlfriend to have a good trip and the boyfriend to have good luck in school before driving away and heading back to Allston.

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