Riders Ask for Uber Driver’s Number

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

A regular occurrence the Boston Uber Driver has experienced since he began driving people throughout Boston is that many rider have told him how much they love being in his car and that he is the best Uber driver they’ve ever had.

The Boston Uber Driver has listened to horror stories from his riders that they have experienced from other drivers, whether the drivers have refused to use a GPS and haven’t known how to get to the intended destination, have violated traffic laws or have asked out or made inappropriate comments to female riders.

The Boston Uber Driver believes strongly in putting every address into the GPS even if he knows how to get there just in case and he is a cautious driver. He also has never asked out a rider or made an inappropriate comment to anyone in his vehicle.

Several riders have asked for the Boston Uber Driver’s phone number and asked if they can call him to request a ride so they can specifically have him as their driver. The driver doesn’t seem to mind because if they like him that much he probably likes them, so he’s willing to give them his number and says he’ll pick them up anytime if he’s in the area.

The way it would work would be that the Boston Uber Driver would come up with a price and the rider would pay cash.

This seems to happen pretty regularly. Occasionally the Boston Uber Driver also gets asked out by female riders, although usually they’re very drunk late at night and in a condition where they probably wouldn’t remember who he was the next day if they saw his name and number in their phone anyways.

Now of all the times that people have asked for his number to call to get him to drive them, the Boston Uber Driver has probably only been called by maybe three different people.

So the big question is why do all these people ask for his number if they’re not going to call? Some may be drunk, but others are clearly sober. It has become a little frustrating because the driver would like to increase business and it would be great to have regulars who are reliable and who he likes driving. A couple times he’s expected calls or texts from people but he just hasn’t heard from anything. He’s waiting on one or two this week later in the week; maybe it’ll be different. But if history is an indicator it’ll be the same thing where he will drive around at random and pick up random people who he has never driven before.

Driving in circles around the city can be be tiring and sometimes grows old, but with the right people and driving in the right areas it’s not so bad. Tonight is Wednesday. Here’s hoping its the start to a good end of the week and into the weekend.

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