In the theory of science and physics *_[Engineering to be specific]_*, gears are mechanical lever which are used to transmit motion through the movement of one gear to the other. This simple mechanism makes easy, the movement of so many parts of a machine, then set the components into action. The moment the gears engage, they trigger other components attached to it and set them as well in motion. *_No engagement between the gears means all other parts remain stationary*_. And same principle applies to your amazing life. You need to put all the knowledge into use, that's when you can get results and know what's next to act on.

From the point of capability, the knowledge you've accumulated over time from different sources, you need to get into action with those great ideas. Engage yourself in motion and get into action, take a step to the behavioural level, leave that zone of unending planning.
The whole idea is somewhat useless, totally null and void if you don't dust it up and try something valuable with it. That's the only way you're guaranteed to get something valuable from it.
How big, valuable, useful, creative, innovative and acceptable that idea of yours is cannot be determined until you engage the gears of practical action, no matter how small. Get into action and let world see what you've got.

You should never feel or think its too small to start with , remember the biggest of tree started small, every human being was born small, even the fastest speed started slowly, everything is always in stages. So don't feel awkward or discouraged. It's sensible to start from where you are and continually make things better. You have the light, the right platform, the right tools, the set stage and everything required to bring you to stardom.

*Only if you can connect the dots* 
 *Only if you get into action* 
 *Only if you can engage the gears*

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