The essence and joy of life is making a meaningful impact on lives. And that actually begins with making that meaningful impact on your own life, on yourself. When you derive the fulfillment from SELF ACTUALIZATION of purpose. When you look at yourself and you are convinced that you have identified purpose, that is when you start making meaningful impact. Till that moment when, at least, somebody in this world can proudly say that they have been blessed from your BLESSINGS, that’s when you make meaningful impact, that is when the essence and joy of life is been apportioned to you. That’s the actual time when you start living and not just existing.

Did you just say NO ? There’s a great difference between that time you when you are created and you are nothing but a number amongst the population of the whole universe, and that moment when you launch out to create a difference and make an impact long enough that you’re recognized as the GAME CHANGER, as a LIVING SOUL.

Dear friend, existing is not just enough for you, you’re far better than that. You need to start living and bless the world. You’ve got abundant potentials to make it happen. And here, even now, is the only place and time to utilize it. Take a step, if that’s where you can start from, what matters is to let the world know your name. Someone once, “ Don’t just show up, be available. Don’t just be available, be present. Don’t just be present, make a change” .

You’ve been in existence for so long, try something new, develop that idea, make a change, let’s feel your impact, be the difference we want. It takes the same energy to wish as to plan and to act. The world don’t recognize existing souls, they only recognize the living souls. MAKE SURE YOU START LIVING.

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