I interviewed modern-day Microfinance institutions that have issued a combined $750m in micro loans to over 4.5m customers globally, and here’s what I found.

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What could distributed ledger technology mean for unbanked and underbanked populations? In particular, how might distributed ledger technology revolutionize the Microfinance industry? Is the Microfinance industry even in need of change?

These are questions that I’ve been asking myself repeatedly over the last 18 months. Rather than sit in my bedroom and ponder, I decided to spend a few months doing some research. I interviewed a selection of modern-day Microfinance institutions (MDMFIs) that have, in recent…

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“We can fix it with Blockchain” — that was one of the first things a Silicon Valley Impact Investor said to me at a Financial Inclusion roundtable a few weeks ago. Blockchain would be the panacea! As someone who is deeply passionate about driving social change through distributed ledger technology, I reflected on where we currently stand in the evolution of our ecosystem and what we need to do for my optimistic Silicon Valley friend to be right.

The question I repeatedly asked myself is — Can Blockchain really overcome the multitude of factors that prevent a truly financially inclusive…

Marqeta hosts Berkeley-Haas MBA FinTech Club

Marqeta is one of the rare companies whose incentives are totally aligned with their clients — they make more revenue when their clients make more too. “Alignment of mission and revenue is the first thing I look for when recruiting,” said Blakey Larsen, a Berkeley-Haas MBA graduating in May 2018. The Berkeley-Haas FinTech Club had the opportunity to visit the Marqeta office last Friday to see firsthand what a career at Marqeta would be like.

After a tour and appreciation of the beautiful 360 view from the office in downtown Oakland, we heard from Omri Dahan, the Chief Revenue Officer…

The Haas FinTech Club’s first major trek of 2018 was to the headquarters of one of Silicon Valley’s favorite companies, PayPal. Every year MBAs flock to the original home of the so called “PayPal mafia”, whose members have helped to create some of the most influential technology companies in the Valley. Today, on a crisp February morning, 25 full time and evening weekend MBAs from Haas were able to pay homage (pun intended).

My main takeaway from the trek is that PayPal is everywhere and its reach has extended to many more day-to-day tools than we realize. PayPal is now…

Bosun Adebaki

Corporate Strategy & Operations @ Ripple; Blockchain enthusiast; Problem solver

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