We are living in an information era, and the most prosperous time in human history.

Little over 150 years ago, most people spent an average of 60 percent of their time just to survive. Those days, people had to spend their time wisely or they or their family will starve. Now, 0.1% of the people can feed the entire population. This allowed people to be more efficient with their time, but started spending time less wisely.

What do you do during free time? Sadly most people spend time consuming content made purely for entertainment. What about watching news happening around the world? I would argue that most of this are also time wasted since chances are you are not making any difference by watching it.

When people have nothing to do, it is a extremely disturbing. Study shows that people prefer pain over boredom. One of the reasons is probably because we want to feel efficient. However, is watching news, Netflix, and playing games really efficient or is it just a false sense of feeling efficient?

There is a term for reducing the amount of non-essential content that we consume. It is called going on a low information diet. I am not suggesting totally shut yourself from the news around the world. What I am suggesting is reduce the amount of unnecessary information you consume and spend more time building skills and relationships that matter more in the long run.

For myself, I found that most effective way to do this was to get to the source of these bad information. Start unsubscribing to emails and youtube channels that was purely for entertainment and gave little to no value to my growth. Remove facebook bookmark so that I don’t click on it because I am bored, but I type in the address because I need to socialize or organize events. You may also need to change your working environment to clear away distractions.

As soon as you free up your time from these things, worst thing you can do is spending your time on other unnecessary informations. This is why it is extremely important to plan out how you want to spend all these extra time that is now available to you. I would strongly recommend you to learn something you always wanted to learn. For myself I always wanted to learn Cantonese, so I did. You can also start to socialize more. Having strong relationships are extremely rewarding and beneficial.

Please comment below on what your new goals are, that would definitely motivate you to start doing something more meaningful.

Thank you for reading.