I quite agree in the spirit with most of what you’ve said.
Oo Nwoye

I read this comment and your post and i still can’t find the data point you are refering to, Oo.

The entire gist of your article could have been a contribution to the manifesto — simply asking those leading the different pillars to ensure the manifesto is developed in ways that carry evolving communities along. Kola Aina volunteered to join the Funding Pillar — i wonder if he is doing so with an assumption that Lagos/Yaba will be the supreme beneficiary.

I am yet to read any constructive argument against the benefit of a centre of excellence — we have benefited immensely. Let’s drop sentiments and do the right thing. You may not like the people pushing the agenda, lets not claim it is a fail.

Yaba isn’t a threat to any other ecosystem and it will never be — it is a test bed that will in real sense help birth so many other hotspots.

Every govt in the last 6 years wants to replicate Yaba all across the country — yet we are here bickering.

Tech in Nigeria needs our collective leadership and our disunity is what keeps giving the old guards the opportunity to shape the agenda. When they engage us, we say different things. Let’s unite, build a strong community and base then expand.

Abuja, Kaduna, Uyo are actually not just where we are needed. The entire Africa is calling on us and we can’t do it strategically if we have a weak base/force.

Amongst us, there is no freaking competition. There is just a lot of work to be done that we are not doing!

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