Of Expectations and Results

So far joining Andela is the most challenging experience I have ever had to enjoy this much. I have never been this sure of a decision i have ever made, I want to be a software developer and to me Andela is the place to be. I have been a fellow for only three days now and i am enjoying every bit of it.

This week started on high note starting with the induction, what I have noted is that Andela is still growing, things change so fast and so as a fellow you have to keep up with the speed.

Also, I have learnt the importance of continued self learning using the learning loop of inspire, perspire an reflect which was an eye opener for me and I realized that its the model I have been using by mistake or without knowledge and now that I know of it I will be able to leverage on it and learn much faster

There are very high expectations set forth, scaring to be honest, for example, I have never learnt JS it will be my first time and while am learning am also supposed to work on projects and checkpoints but what really motivates me is that I am not alone, and there have been others before who hacked it excellently.

Therefore my plan really is to be extremely EPIC, push myself to the edge, leverage on the learning loop as heavily as I can and still have tonnes of fun when doing it, because to me this is not a job, its a lifestyle.

By following the above plan which am more than ready to execute I believe I will be able to raise the bar, break and set new records.

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