Overcoming Challenges

This being the second Boot Camp I have attended at Andela, a lot has changed since the previous Boot Camp I attended. Most of the changes are in the way boot campers are organized into groups, there is also the feedback sheets which are shared with each boot camper detailing the feedback given from the work they have submitted. In addition, there is also the fact that most of the sessions are now being held at Spire.

Due to all this changes a lot of challenges have risen. One of them is due the constant feedback that is given and as a boot camper you have to read, understand and respond to the feedback, coming from a background where no feedback was being given, it was challenging to work on the feedback as it seemed much of criticism than help, this feeling was furthered by the feedback I got during my previous boot camp as the reason why I would not continue, I was not able to respond properly I saw the feedback as criticism and never took it positively

As the first week sessions of boot camp 12 went on I was able to overcome this challenge by learning that, the feedback was never criticism but a way of helping me realize where I am weak and where more effort needs to put.

This has highly encouraged me to seek feedback and act on it bravely and seek more feedback on how I responded to the first feedback.

Another challenge is that, most of the sessions are held at Spire, this has decreased the number of fellows you can talk to. I was able to overcome this challenge by leveraging on my environment, where I talked more and listened more to my team members, I was able to ask more questions, and also answer more questions, I also worked with the BFA assigned to our group more and this eased the transition and helped to be more productive.

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