Still Strong

This is the end of the fourth day and it feels like week two, but i am still strong and looking forward to the next step to achieving my dreams. The learning experience has been a fast paced one from the beginning and still getting faster.

What motivates me more to soldier on is the numerous gaps in my knowledge that are being filled daily, in addition, i am also getting the chance to practice my social skills in relationship building and collaboration with others. This i deem an important skill as it is essential that a software developer knows how to relate with others.

What I find different about this boot camp is that everyone is so helpful including the teaching assistants assigned to each boot-camper, they really have your best interest at heart and they just want you to grow, learn, improve on yourself and still succeed to be an Andela fellow, I can feel that bond and it is important if we are to each realize our dreams.

I believe in playing my part exceptionally, because if i hold up my end of the bargain then everyone and everything else will follow suit, thus since day zero I have put on my A game and i am not relenting, for me, its do or die.

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