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We’re beyond excited to tell you all about our new chatbot integration with BLiP!

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BLiP is the most comprehensive chatbot development platform. It helps enterprises embed their brands in messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, for customer service, marketing, and sales. Integrating several Analytics, AI and contact center APIs, BLiP also offers autonomy to teams, keeping them orchestrated while enhancing customer experience.

As for Botanalytics, a conversational analytics tool for text and voice-based interfaces, we help you to understand user behavior, track engagement, segment conversations and get actionable insights to improve your bot success. By assessing bot analytics regularly, you can discover bottlenecks, identify your most engaged users, and watch conversations unfold every step along the way. …

Those fearing for our robot overlords might worry that AI is too smart and powerful for their own good. But anyone who’s ever talked to a chatbot knows that they’re not perfect. Chatbot error messages are inevitable, especially when a user talks to a bot for the first time.

But how a bot handles error messages has a big effect on chatbot UX. When we talk to a chatbot, we want it to understand us; if a bot simply repeats the same error message over and over without any hint on how to set things right, it’s easy for a user to simply walk away. …

Here at Botanalytics, we have gathered 10 great tips from Botanalytics Blog for all the chatbot & voice bot makers out there!

Enjoy reading and feel free to share your tips or ask questions 🚀

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Botanalytics is a conversational analytics tool for bots. Identify bottlenecks, segment conversations & users, and measure engagement. https://botanalytics.co

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